Château de Coucy

The Château de Coucy, built in the 13th century, was one of the most remarkable medieval fortress in the Western world. Enguerrand III de Coucy, around 1223, wanted to compete with the French kings and spent a fortune on the construction of this castle, whose keep, 102-foot diameter and 177-foot height, was the most important in Europe until 1917.

In March of that year, the german army, during its strategic retreat, dynamited the keep and the four towers. The reason of this act remains unclear. The Château de Coucy was listed as a Frech historical monument in 1862 and is now open to public.

To acces it, you first have to pass through the fortified gates of the town. There is a path at the bottom of the defensive wall to wander around the site and the medieval atmosphere is ensured by the flags and the banners around the town, the guides wearing medieval costumes and the large number of events and reconstructions.

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