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City of the Art and History considered for its user-friendliness and its historical heritage and cultural rich!

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Hung from the side of a rock cliff, Avesnes harmoniously links the worthy stones and the fresh greenery and attracts since always painters, artists and historians.

Circuits Structures and History


Come to discover the the history of the city and its principal curiosities.
Circuits traced in the city and with the surroundings will open all the doors of local curiosities to you and will take you along through the centuries…The monuments testify to these memories: the Collegial one of XIII and XVI centuries with its chime of 48 bells, the Town hall of the XVIII century, ramparts, old houses, famous characters…

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The Saint-Nicolas collegial


In the current of XII century is arranged in the edge of the initial core of the town of Avesnes a place intended to receive the market, on where they gives the Market and later the belfry. It is the current place of the Leclerc General in the characteristic rectangular plan. It is probably following this creation that is dedicated to Saint Nicolas, owner of the merchants, a church on the northern side is place, according to a frequent diagram in the old Netherlands. This building will remain the single parish church of the city.

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The fortifications and ramparts


The ramparts date from XVI century and XVIII century (“Vauban fortifications”). Before becoming French, Avesnes had already fortifications. Those were to defend the city of the French invaders… After integration of Avesnes-sur-Helpe with the kingdom of France, Vauban improved the fortifications by important work that it will spread out between 1690 and 1723. Today, part of the fortifications are still in place and certain parts are restored.

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The old city


The City of Avesnes introduces a rich person inheritance of old houses, mainly of the XVIII century. Most notable is the " SPANISH HOUSE " located on the Large one Places. The frontage is given rhythm by large arcades surrounding a tympanum that it is on top of each opening. Each stage is moreover in corbelling compared to the precedent. It was a construction dating from the surroundings of 1550 in transition style enters the Gothic and the Rebirth. Surrounded tympanums of trefoil arches of the medieval time are replaced here by a device employing of the Roman arches. You finds in Mons in Belgium some examples of houses of the same type.

Among the most interesting buildings, you will note the Old Hospital with the complex Structure: old room of the Patients, compartmentalized then, going back to 1617, a wing complementary from 1780 to 1841 you adds a symmetrical wing connected by a monumental staircase.

The Town hall of 1757 d' aspect announces the style Louis XVI. The Presbytery, old sub-prefecture, preserved the Worsen of the peristyles antiquisant. The Law courts of 1828 also have an important peristyle in the shape of Greek temple of the successful Doric order. Finally the old barracks of 1738 supplement the silhouette of the City.

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The Presbytery of Avesnes


The current presbytery occupies a unity of picturesque constructions, ennoblies by the two blue stone peristyles placed in advanced doors of the entry. The court is separate from a garden by a low wall that it stops in its center to leave a passage dominated by two lions placed on each side.

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