Rock en seine

The festival Rock en Seine was born in 2003 and had at that time 2 stages and a dozen of bands.
Today, there are 3 stages and more than 100,000 festivalgoers over three days of concerts.
In other words, the event has managed to get to the top of the french summer events, with a rock program every year more attractive.

The festival is also known for being the place where the band Oasis broke up, cancelling their concert at the last minute.

Despite this slight unpleasantness, the festival remains a major meeting point for rock fans.

Rock music festival

2016 program

  • Blues Pills
  • Bridy Nam Nam
  • Iggy Pop
  • Joycut
  • Logic
  • Royal Republic
  • The Shins

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St. Cloud is a French department of Hauts de Seine from the Ile de France. To visit St. Clodoald Stella Matutina Saint-Joseph-Artisan