Parc Vulcania

Vulcania, or European Park of Volcanism, is located in the chain of Puys in the heart of France. Inaugurated in 2002, this center of scientific culture, although specialized volcanism, has already hosted more than 3 million visitors. Vulcania is the only one park in the world of scientific exploration allowing to penetrate the mysteries of volcanoes. Vulcania, located in the heart of the Auvergne volcanos park, is perfectly mixed into the natural landscape as the park being carved into the volcanic rock. Its partially buried below ground.

Only a cone, 28 meters high above the surface, a major component of volcanoes covered with lava rock, is visible in the landscape. Initially wanted by Valerie Giscard d'Estain, Vulcania is a place for learning and leisure for children and adults. The center of volcanism, enable visitors to learn while having fun, it is the ideal place to understand the mechanism of volcanoes, pay tribute to their turbulent history and activity and feel the beating heart of a volcano. New attractions have been created since the inauguration of the park to extend the offer of entertainment and learning such as "VolcanBul", the "Dragon Ride” and Giant Models.

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