In a preserved natural area where goats and sheep graze in the heart of a vast limestone plateau overlooking the wooded gorge of Siagne that lurks for millennia a jewel of Nature: The cave Baume Obscure Accessible by car on a track forest 1.8 kilometers, she reveals, 20 minutes from Grasse and 60 meters below the earth, the beauty and secrets of a mysterious and fascinating world. The Souterroscope A unique festival of shapes, colors and music to magnify the creative work of Nature To better learn and appreciate the scenery and fantasies mineral, fruit of the slow work of water and limestone, Man added sound and light. Thus was born Souterroscope, a show that brings the museum visitor emotion and feel close to discovering speleologist gradually, in light of his lamp, the infinity of shapes and colors of the limestone. Along a scenic trail loop of 700 meters, led by original music composer Christophe Guyard and a subtle play of shadows and light seemed to give life to the cave, you'll have a sensory adventure for both exciting fun and educational. The cave Baume Obscure A natural heritage failed to discover in a typical limestone: karst La Baume Obscure cave and its surroundings, including the wild canyons of the high Siagne, are a delight for nature lovers and visitors in search of authenticity and charm. On the surface, as in the basement of the visit this remarkable karst area is an original way to learn about the geology, mineralogy and ecology: the formation of caves, underground rivers that feed sources, biodiversity Life cavernicole, fauna and flora of the scrubland and aquatic environments. The High Siagne A healthy environment within an hour of French Riviera coastline, both ground and space adventure for many excursions and outdoor activities. The convenient location of the cave made it a step or the starting point for various hiking on foot, horseback or mountain bike. Some of these ballads lead to historic or prehistoric sites such as bories or dolmens. Trail longer and steeper, and the practice of caving, climbing or canyoning allow for their total immersion in a world mineral, vegetable and aquatic both wild and wonderful.

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