Musée national de la porcelaine - Adrien Debouché

The philanthropist businessman Adrien Debouché established constituted an important collection of French or foreign objects. 4 families of the ceramic are represented to : the pottery, the earthenware, the stoneware and the china as well as the glass. The museum is made national in 1881. The technique of manufacturing of china was discovered in China during the period Tang.

The first porcelain factories in France date from the XVIIIth because it is at that time that were discovered deposits of kaolin, the material which gives whiteness and hardness to the china. After the repurchase of the factory of Limoges in 1784 by the royal factory of Sèvres, the forms and the decorations sets became more varied. During XXth century, the china of Limoges is marked by the art nouveau and factories appealed to artists such as Lalique or Dufy.

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