Château de Chalucet

Chalucet Castle is located in Saint-Jean-Ligoure about 10 miles south of Limoges (Haute-Vienne). The remains of the castle Chalucet are less than 2 km from center Laneaud overlook the confluence of the Brianza and Ligoure.

Power stake for the local lords, in the domain of the Abbey of Solignac, it was above all a symbol of power for those who lord it disputed the use and control. Early fourteenth century, Gerald of Maulmont, advisor to the Viscountess of Limoges and the King of France, already Châlus Maulmont builder, is made very large investments in transforming the small fortress founded by Bernard of Jaunhac on behalf of abbot of Solignac in a huge fortified palace.

Chalucet became the largest fortified castle in the Limousin. Ironically, his defensive role, primarily a deterrent until the fifteenth century, was fully utilized during the Hundred Years War by gangs of looters who roamed the country. The castle ruins Chalucet were classified historic monument in 1875 by list.

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