Gare des Bénédictins

Realized in 1929 Roger Gonthier on the site of a former bénedictine monastery, it is considered as one of the most beautiful stations of Europe. This example of architecture of the art deco, classified as "monument historique" in 1975, embodies the economic prosperity of Limoges before the crisis of 1930's. It is also a symbol of the labor-union protests in 1968 when railroad employees hoisted a red flag on the summit of the bell tower. The station of the Benedictines is built above ways. It's dome is endowed with a light steel structure. The bell tower (67 meters high) offers a fantastic view over the monuments of Limoges, in particular the cathedral Saint-Etienne, the city hall, "la cité de la couture". The inside of the station is richly decorated in stained glasses representing the emblem of Limousin, the chateignes and foliages. Allegorical sculptures representing four provinces served by the train (Touraine, Gascoyne, Bretagne, Limousin) were made by H-F Varenne.

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