La forêt aux dinosaures

It's a museum tour is unique in the department of Ariege and Midi-Pyrenees. It consists of a museum and forest trails. This museum is entirely devoted to dinosaurs, as well as paleontological expeditions. Through the windows full of paleontological objects and text panels, tourists, adults and children will discover the history of dinosaurs, and will compare the bones found in the department with the whole world.

The aim of the museum is to convey to visitors the evolution may have had dinosaurs and how are doing laboratory research. A walk in the forest takes tourists to the discovery of bones, fossils, and even complete skeletons of dinosaurs real reconstruct three-dimensional! In a space called home shipments, it is possible to see 35m ² of reconstruction of a paleontological excavation camps of 1920. set design consists of three parts: a search space, a space camp and workshop space.

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