Château de Bourbilly

The Castle of Bourbilly was completed in 1379 by Marguerite de Beaujeau. It was Charles de Franqueville who undertook the decoration. This building, which was occupied by two women, Jeanne de Chantal and the Marquise de Sevigne, is one of the oldest in the region of Burgundy. It is interesting to note that since its construction, it is never remained uninhabited.

In the midst of its vast rooms there are two essential parts: the library where you can admire the beautiful woodwork in the Gothic style, and the living room who is illuminated by an impressive set of lamps, nine in total, made of Venetian crystal.

The chapel, who was restored after a fire, is a place where you can admire the portraits of the owners. The Paradisus has been made by Edward Crépy. The castle also has a park (which was created by Adolphe Alphand) where you can admire the cascading pools, and beautiful plantings. Until 1957, the garden, who was irrigated by a spring in the hill, was still active. Thus, it was possible to see flowers, berries and vegetables.

Today, it is possible to contemplate some of these decorative elements, but it is no longer cultivated. Plantations have been replaced by fruit trees (fortys trees was damaged during a storm in 1999) Recent embellishments are present through the imagination of Edward Crépy, as a collection of topiary or two giant dragons. A reflecting pool is visible, and many aquatic plants.

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