Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

The Cathedral of St Pierre of Rennes in Neo-classical style is located near the Place des Lices in Rennes city centre.

 It is one of nine historic cathedrals and one of the first places of worship in  Britanny. Classified as historical monuments since the 30th of October 1906, the cathedral of Saint-Pierre de Rennes owes its current appearance to a series of building campaigns  ranging from the sixteenth to nineteenth century because it is the third church built at this location. However, its old towers have been remained. 

On the  imposing facade,you can admire the French weapons and the sun, the emblem of Louis XIV and symbols of royal power. The cathedral is organized in a Latin cross with a large arch that has been painted, a cupola and a rounded apse. From a stylistic point of view, the neoclassical  dominates with Ionic columns and a colorful  atmosphere. The painted decoration of the interior dates from the XIXth century and replaces the austerity of the old neoclassical interior combined with a very nice furniture including a magnificent Flemish altarpiece carved and painted.

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