Château de Châteaugiron

Castle Châteaugiron is a castle in the town of Châteaugiron Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany. This medieval fortress, renovated in the fifteenth century by Jean de Derval remain important remains. The castle had six towers, a gatehouse with a drawbridge and a stately home. The oldest part is formed by the chapel choir of the Romanesque style.

Four towers still stand: the dungeon, originally independent of the castle, which overlooks the city from its 38 meters, and the clock tower that served as the belfry; the watchtower and Cardinal, were unsuccessful probably built by Jean de Derval and retained their circular path on battlements. The transformations performed by "The Priest" in the eighteenth century consisted remodel and enlarge the house in a style of French architecture.

Thus one of the corner towers were demolished to make way for a pavilion with wooden gallery which continued on the old walkway. Large gardens were created while the old gatehouse which gave access to the castle since the city was also modified in a complex of buildings now gone.

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