Château de Pouzauges

In the eleventh century, the castle Pouzauges belongs to the family of Zacharie Pouzauges which transmits it to the enigmatic family Chantemerle, then to the famous family of Savary de Mauleon and finally to the Viscounts of Thouars who administer most of the Vendee, and they give the castle to a cadet who also possess Tiffauges. Catherine de Thouars Castle Pouzauges brought into the fold of Gilles de Rais through their marriage. She came to reside after his death. Under the aegis of Catherine, the dungeon undergoes many adjustments to make it suitable for habitation.

A new floor is added and a spiral staircase connecting it to all others. Several windows are drilled as replacement killers in order to penetrate the light inside. The castle was sold in 1634 in The Lord of the Pélissonnière Boupère. His heirs will retain up to half of the twentieth century. During the Wars of the Vendée (1793-1794), men of "infernal columns" controlled by General Lachenay Pouzauges shot him 32 who had taken refuge inside the old castle. This act was committed January 26, 1794 after a banquet hosted by the Republican General Grignon. The same day, the surrounding villages were burned and some of the inhabitants massacred.

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