Château de Meung-sur-Loire

The château de Meung-sur-Loire is known as the castle with two faces. In fact, the side facing the city shows the austerity of the fortresses of the middle Ages whereas the other side is characteristic of the classical architecture of castles during the XVIIIth century. This castle will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the daily life in a french castle. 

With more than 20 furnished rooms available (including the attic and the undergrounds) and 2,000 items, the visitors feel like they have travelled back in time in the XV and XVIIIth century. It is one of the largest and most ancient castles of the Loire Valley. 

A little bit of history...

At 17 kilometres from Orléans and 150 from Paris, the château de Meung was, until the French Revolution, the home of several bishops from Orléans. It welcomed many great names of the French History such as Louis XVI, Joan of Arc or the poet François Villon who used to be a prisoner in the oubliette of the castle. 

  • A tour with odors... the visitors, while wandering around the castle, will smell particular odors such as incense in the chapel or the perfume of "clean laundry" in the linen room. 
  • Children-orientated activites : the robot Walter has left some original and anachronistic items in the castle, your mission is to find them ! 
  • Must-see : a spectacular video show in the castle's undergrounds.


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