Château de Talcy

The Chateau de Talcy is 26km away from Blois and was, in the 13th century, a seigneury and a farming zone. The construction started in 1520 under Bernard Salviati order, a Florentine banker of Francois I. This house, built at the time of the great castle of the Renaissance in The Loire Valley, was different from the italian trend, keeping this way the aspect of a Middle Age building. The court has a well, there is also a garden and a former kitchen garden.

The castle has kept the furniture from the 18th century as well as Gothic tapestries. The Chateau de Talcy owes a part of its fame to literature and especially to the famous love between Ronsard and Cassandre, the daughter of the owner of the castle, Bernard Salviati. This love is the origin of the poetry collections «Amour de Cassandre».

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