Tour around montargis

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DepartureMONTARGIS (45)

For three days, you go back in time and set off to explore the history of Loiret and Yonne. You can visit castles and museums and eventually an unusual place.

From Hunting to the earthenware

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For this first day, go to Montargis towards Gien. To get there, you can borrow the legendary N7. After traveling 30 km, you will visit two museums.

The National Museum of the hunt in the castle of Gien. This museum houses collections that evoke the different hunting techniques and presents works of art, always in the hunt. Going there, you have a great view of the city and the medieval bridge which emjambe the river.

Then, go to the Museum of faience. Utility of dishes, decorative objects rare, you can admire a rich collection of pottery.

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To exploration Briare

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Briare is only 10 km from Giens. You are going to discover it, on the second day.

Briare canal bridge was the longest bridge in the world metal channel, until 2003. It spans the Loire on a length of 662 meters. You can walk along its flanks.

For your day to be rich, then go towards the Mosaic Museum and glazes and the Museum of Marine de Loire. The first evidence of France political and cultural économiqe nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the second invites you to discover the Loire and the men and women who inhabited

If you want to sleep, we recommend the hostel of the canal bridge nearly.

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A day in fortified castle

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Don't leave the Gâtinais, without going to the Puisaye, a natural region.

Start your day with the direction of the castle Guenelon. Since 1997, fifty oeuvriers build a castle using the techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages.

Then you can discover the castle of Saint-Fargeau. This is the castle that inspired the project Guédelon. You will visit the apartments of the castle as well as the library of the nineteenth century made of oak.

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