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Château-Landon, or Vellonodunum, strengthened medieval city, town of fairs and pilgrimage, where people come to pray the relics of Saint-Séverin and Saint-Thugal.

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Valley side, the landscape of Chateau-Landon is surprising.

The high city is a lond rocking rim , from the royal abbey Saint-Severin to the Notre-Dame church while passing through the Saint-Thugal Tower and beautiful old houses.

These houses are extended by wide terraces to the river Fusain, an affluent of Loing, with banks bordered of charming old wash houses and several mills.
On the time of Charles VI the city was one of the "17 good draping cities".

In the Tabarderie mill, the famous cloth cameline was printed for the clothes industry of the tabards, the long coats wore above armours by the soldiers.

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Discover the religious heritage


In Chateau-Landon, Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, from the 12nd and 13rd century, whose bell-tower dominates the area of its 57 meters.

This strange building mixes the Carolingian, Roman and Gothic styles.
The bell-tower, crossed by wind and light is unique in the area. The more you climb up, the more the windows seem tall. These different sizes represent the link from Roman to Gothic style.

The clock located on the bell-tower of the church was distroyed during the storm in December 1999 and was not rebuilt at the time of the important restoration of the bell-tower which followed.
The Hotel-Dieu was a refuge for pilgrims and patients .

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Château-Landon : an historical crossroad


100 km from Paris, 18 North from Montargis, 46 km East from Pithiviers, 45 km West from Sens, 63 km South from Melun, Chateau-Landon was an important crossroad : soldiers, nuns, monks, pilgrims and merchants.

The Roman way, “César's way”, connecting Orléans (Genabum) to Sens (Agedicum), saw legions, barbarians, Huns came from East, Norman running from West.

The great dash for christian faith in the Middle Ages causes rushes of pilgrims on those roads going to pray the holy relics exposed in the close abbeys like Saint-Mathurin in Larchant, Saint Severin and Saint Thugal in Chateau-Landon, Saint-Clair in Souppes, Saint Aldric in Ferrières.

The main road from Paris to Nevers was used as well for the pilgrims going to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle and the international merchants; others smallest ways are chemin vert, chemin des Boufs la Debeuse, chemin des Vaches.
All these ways had a holy mark : the bell-tower of Notre-Dame de Chateau-Landon.

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Monuments and the touristic sites


Discover the touristic monuments and sites :

  • The Madeleine Tower : the oldest monument of the city, built on the old city walls. Its architectural style is from the 11st century,
  • Vestiges of the rampart and its covered way,
  • Two posterns North and South which give an outline of the difficulties for the attackers to invest the city,
  • the Saint-Thugal Tower, remains of a basilica of 10th century,
  • The Saint-Severin abbey, whose impressive frontage is supported by buttresses,
  • the Mill of Beaupoivre,
  • the Tabarderie park,
  • the Caesar's bridge,
  • The Caesar's way from uncertain origin. It is sure however that 60.000 men of the Caesar's legions took this way to fight the Gallic revolt (52 before JC). This way was an important way for the trade.

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