Cathédrale Sainte-Marie-de-l'Assomption

The cathédrale Sainte-Marie-de-l’Assomption or Santa Maria Assunta Lucciana, also called the church of Canonica, is a former French Catholic Cathedral of Corsica.

The church is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since July 12, 1886. In antiquity, Mariana was an important Roman colony, founded in 93 BC. BC by Marius. Christianity developed there early - there is an early Christian complex of the late fourth century - and the diocese of Mariana is founded in the fifth century, and this makes it one of the first of Corsica. The diocese became the first suffragan of the Archbishopric of Pisa in 1092, like all the bishoprics of Corsica.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is based on the site called "La Canonica" in the eleventh century and was consecrated in 1119 by the Archbishop of Pisa. The diocese is attached to the Archdiocese of Genoa in 1130, with the bishoprics of accidents and Nebbio. From 1269 to 1570, the bishop of Mariana withdrew it, the episcopal seat was transferred to the pro-cathedral Vescovato in 1440. In 1563, Pope Pius IV merges the diocese of Mariana Accia and then deletes them entirely in 1570 in favor of the diocese of Bastia. The Concordat of 1801, all bishops of Corsica were merged into the diocese of Ajaccio. The church is an historical monument by Prosper Merimee, returning from his trip to Corsica in 1886.

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