Couvent Saint-Antoine

Founded in 1420 on the Common of Castagniccia in Casabianca (Haute-Corse), the convent of Saint-Antoine Casabianca (or Cunventu Sant'Anton di Casabianca has in Corsican) is a highly symbolic place in the history of Corsica. He knows many holding "consultation" or meetings of the Corsican insurgents from the eighteenth century. Today in ruins, all that remains of the building that the main structure together with its bell tower, illustrated with frescoes and decorations still clearly visible. The monastery is famous for having hosted in July 1755 where a cunsulta Pasquale Paoli was proclaimed Capugenerale di a Nazione Corsa, commander in chief of the Corsican Nation. This date marks the beginning of his reign and the beginning of the independence of the island, then under the domination of the Republic of Genoa. A plaque commemorates these events.

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