Palais des Gouverneurs

The Palais des Gouverneurs génois is a must see when you are in Bastia. The Palace of Governors, former Museum of Ethnology Corsica, now houses the municipal museum focuses on Bastia city history. Old watchtower and small castle before being transformed into a palace in the sixteenth century, the Palais des Gouverneurs génois is ranked as “Monument Historique” since 1977 and became the property of the city of Bastia in 1986. Then, the city started with an ambitious program of renovation of the palace. In addition to the renovation, works helped to rebuild the quarter of the monument which was destroyed in 1943 during the fightings for the liberation of Corsica. Visitors who do not wish to visit the palace of the governors should go for a walk in its outstanding garden. From the port of leisure, you can take the stairs, across the garden, to the main entrance of the palace, where you will not be disappointed by the view.

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