The Territoire de Belfort, became in 1989 a territory for music when Christian Proust, president of the General Council decided to create a festival in the region. After a few disagreement, the festival has since taken place on the Maulsaucy isle.

The first edition in 1989 attracted 10,000 festivalgoers. This number has grown every year since and reached 95,000 in 2011, thanks to an eclectic program and appropriate facilities. Indeed, a couple of miles away from the site, a camping houses for free 12,000 ticket holders and regular buses go from the city of Belfort to the festival.

This year, the program is composed of sixty rock, electro, reggae and pop artists. You will find something to suit you anyways.

Popular music festival


  • Ben Harper
  • Christine and the Queen
  • Etienne Daho
  • Sting
  • Skip the Use

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Hôtel de France

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Hôtel Restaurant du Jura

  • Audincourt
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Le Coquelicot

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Belfort has a great history, and its citadel, built by Vauban, is its symbol. Belfort is a city of art and culture, where museums and walks mixes up for the pleasure of the visitors. The city, located near the Swiss ...