Tourism San Nicolao

The village of San Nicola is located in the department of Haute-Corse Corse region and the tourist area in Costa Verde.

One of the most notable attractions is the omnipresence of a mountainous environment and a great diversity of landscapes and proximity to the sea


  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Lucciana
  • Durée : 2 jours

Lucciana is a commune located in Haute-Corse in the Corse region.

Day 1 : Lucciana Day 2 : Corte

Tour to explore Haute-Corse

  • Thème : Sites and museums
  • Départ : Bastia
  • Durée : 6 jours

For 6 days, you will explore the Haute-Corse. You will admire the wealth of this country. You will leave Bastia and finish your journey along the Biguglia.

Day 1 : Bastia Day 2 : Cap Corse Jour 3 : Ile-Rousse Day 4 : Corte

La Costa Verde

Costa Verde is the name for the littoral zone located between Castagniccia and the sea, nearby river Golo and the plain in the south in Haute-Corse.

pero-casevecchie poggio-mezzana ucelluline-waterfall san-nicolao-church


Piedicroce is a commune located in the Haute-Corse department in the Corse region.

piedicroce the-convent-of-orezza the-hamlets visit-the-churches
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Sole E Mare

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