Tourism - Haute-Corse

Haute-Corse is a French department located in the north east of the Island of Corsica. This region is called ‘Cismonte’. The central mountain ridge called ‘I Monti’ separates it from the Corse-du-Sud department. Haute-Corse is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the west.

The natural tourist attractions are numerous and various: Cape Corse, wild and hilly, the Balagne, rich and lush, the Restonica gorges, the desert of Agriates and the Castagniccia that has long been unreachable. Haute-Corse possesses so many natural treasures that are unequalled.

Cities such as Bastia, Corte or Calvi are the main cities in Haute-Corse and the not-to-be-missed village of Centuri with its tiny harbour is a haven of peace and beauty, which houses many churches and chapels. There are also several castles and Genovese Towers.

Top tourist cities in Haute-Corse


Tourism Bastia

Bastia is the main port of the Corsica island, but also the first French port of the Mediterranean Sea. Main city of the Haute Corse department and Corsica, the city has inherited a rich historical and cultural past, and today the nature, culture, sports, food and ...

Must : Palais des Gouverneurs, Citadelle de Bastia


Tourism Calvi

South of Calvi, the scenery becomes wild and rugged, made of red granite dazzling,it's undoubtedly a boat that the coast offers the best views. From Galeria, midway between Calvi and Porto, the road away from the sea, leaving boaters with the privilege of admiring ...


Tourism Corte

Corte is a city of Corsica. It is located in the heart of the island, and not next to the sea like the most of the cities fortresses. Corte is the ancient capital of the independent Corsica, and its political, administrative and intellectual was undeniable. Its finds ...

Must : Le Musée de la Corse, Fonds régional d’art contemporain