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Feurs is situated in the department of the Loire and the region Rhône-Alpes. Feurs is situated in the middle of the heart of the plain of the Forez. One finds in the city, next to the Post, traces of the Roman former city. Feurs is, today, definitively turned towards Holy étienne, a city models for it. The sites of archeological interests are numerous but all are discovered during the different works on the town. You there will be able to discover the Museum of archeology and the chapel of the martyrs.


  1. Le bord de la Loire
  2. Church of Feurs


Welcome to Feurs

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Feurs
  • Durée : 4 jours

Feurs in Forez some is located at the center of the Plain of Forez. Crossing by the Loire, it presents two types of landscapes: Tourism at the edge of the Loire of Feurs in Forez of them the communes of plain left bank and Right Bank of the Loire Visits of Feurs Drill some with the tourist office ...

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Welcome to Montrond-les-Bains

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Montrond-les-bains
  • Durée : 4 jours

Discovery destination between Lyon and Saint Etienne, Montrond-les-Baths (thermal spa) knew to make the synthesis of its strong points: town of water, health, plays, gastronomy and demonstrations in the center of congress or at the time of the medieval festival…

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Saint Galmier

Perched on the hillside, st-galmier seems full of promise as it beckons the visitor to come take a look. the town is anything but disappointing with its picturesque, sun-drenched streets giving the town a southern feel immediately reminiscent of holidays.

badoit the-race-course


  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Saint-germain-laval
  • Durée : 4 jours

The historical city of German St Laval located on the Eastern reverse of the Mounts of Drill dominates the valley of Aix, still boxed, before its entry in the plain. The topography of its territory is very interesting passing 530 m with Marcilleux the Top, at 350 m with the Stones. The borough, ...

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