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Come and spend a enchanting weekend or a dreamlike break from work in one of the prestigiously appointed charming rooms at the Château de la Charmeraie, only 35 minutes from Lyon or 45 minutes from Saint Etienne and beautifully situated in the Monts du Lyonnais.
Don’t expect to see medieval drapes and crenulated walls with high turrets when you arrive along the drive lined with century old trees - you might be disappointed if that’s the sort austerity you are looking for.
As you come through the main gates that will open up automatically for you, you will feel as if you have crossed the threshold into a haven of calm and pleasure.
First of all you will see a beautiful Sienna earth coloured 19th century manor house that resembles a Florentine residential villa more than a feudal fortified castle.
The Château de la Charmeraie is set in a magnificent homely estate of 5.4 hectares (about 12 acres) completely closed in and protected by high stone walls giving you the freedom to
enjoy your whole stay in complete serenity and peace.
The driveways and paths are cool and fresh under the twenty-three different types of trees most of which are over a hundred years old. You can have a leisurely stroll to the viewpoint and see a panoramic vista of the Monts du Lyonnais that is reminiscent of a Tuscany landscape.
You will never be disturbed by any noise other than that from the wonderful nature around you. Birdsong, which also, in the mating season, is accompanied by hundreds of love struck frogs expressing their own yearnings in the large lake set in the park surrounding this luxurious residence. No noise from railways or motorcars since the nearest main road is well over a kilometre away from the property.
As you arrive at the main door of the Château de la Charmeraie, situated in the heart of the property, the first decorative creation you see will be the beautiful French style garden with bright white gravel paths that may even dazzle you in the summer light. On hot days the freshness of the ponds with their fountains will cool the air and the soothing sounds of the gently rippling waterfalls will contribute to your comfort.
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Le Château de la Charmeraie : Rental

zoom La suite Renoir

La suite renoir (suite)

Suite Renoir with a room 50 m²
160 € à partir de
zoom La chambre Sisley

La chambre sisley (double room)

La chambre Sisley
130 € à partir de
zoom La suite Monet

La suite monet (suite)

Suite Monet
190 € à partir de
zoom Chambre Rimbaud

Chambre rimbaud (double room)

Notre chambre Rimbaud vous offre un grand lit de 1,60, une cheminée, un écran LCD avec lecteur de DVD. De plus, la salle de bain dispose d'un jacuzzi.
150 € à partir de
zoom La suite Rimbaud

La suite rimbaud (suite)

Suite Rimbaud
230 € à partir de
zoom La chambre Verlaine

La chambre verlaine (double room)

Chambre Verlaine.
130 € à partir de
zoom Chambre Baudelaire

Chambre baudelaire (double room)

Cette chambre vous propose deux lits de 0,90, une cheminée, un écran plasma et lecteur de DVD
130 € à partir de

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Tourist tax (0,82€ /jour/personne)


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Continental (compris), host's table (30 euros)
  • Le château de la charmeraie
  • La suite renoir
  • La chambre sisley
  • La suite monet
  • Chambre rimbaud
  • La suite rimbaud
  • La chambre verlaine
  • Chambre baudelaire
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La suite Renoir
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La chambre Sisley
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La suite Monet
Chambre Rimbaud
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La suite Rimbaud
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La chambre Verlaine
Chambre Baudelaire




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