Tourism - Loire

Loire is a French department belonging to the Rhône-Alpes region. The main cities are Saint-Étienne, Montbrison, Roanne. It is sourrounded by the departments of Rhône, Isère, Ardèche, Haute-Loire, Puy-de-Dôme, Allier and Saône-et-Loire.

Places not to be missed are: The ‘Hautes Chaumes’ in Mount Forez, the Loire Gorges in St Victor-sur-Loire, the Zoo with gorillas in St Martin-la-Plaine, the ‘Cité du Design’ in St Etienne, the ‘Maison Troisgros’ in Roanne, Le Corbusier site in Firminy, the ‘Bâtie d’Urfé’ in St Etienne-le-Molard, the Priory of Pommiers-en-Forez, the Hat Museum in Chazelle-sur-Lyon, the historical city centre of Charlieu, the Pilat ridge, the Roanne-Digoin canal in Roanne, the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in St Etienne and Chalmazel ski resort.

Most popular cultural events are: the Avatarium Festival, the Tête de Mule festival and the Paroles et Musiques festival.

Top tourist cities in Loire


Tourism Saint-Etienne

Saint-Étienne is located in eastern central France. It is 60 km away from the southwest of Lyon in the Rhône-Alpes region and is the chief town of the Loire departement and it is located in the Massif Central area. The city was named after Saint Stephen and ...

Must : Musée de la mine


Tourism Montbrison

Montbrison is situated in the department of the Loire and the region Rhône-Alpes. The city of Montbrison is borned around the castle of the counts of the Forez, so it becomes the capital. Lieux Touristiques The Diana: Historic and archeological corporation ...


Tourism Roanne

The Roannais region, high place of the sacred art, is exceptionally rich in abbeys and abbey churches, priories and also in small Roman churches. Noble ground by its castles, the Roannais has fortresses of the Middle Ages as well as rich residences of the Rebirth ...