Tourism Campan

Campan Valley knew how to develop itself harmoniously while preserving its authenticity.

More than elsewhere, in Campan valley, man is in communion with nature, it is a land of tradition, where the inhabitants live at the rhythm of pastoralism.The Aspin pass and Payolle hundred-year-old firs, Lesponne forest beeches of , the Adour (wich is only a torrent then) shady banks, the Palomieres moor and their ca ptivating panorama, the Lheris massifs and the Bassia colonized by junipers are as much havens of peace and tranquillity.


  • The memorial Campan
  • The Mounaques Campan
  • The Cagots Campan

Tour to discover Hautes-Pyrénées

  • Thème : Sites and museums
  • Départ : Garderes
  • Durée : 6 jours

Discover the beauty of the Hérault following our tour you will discover all facets of the department. For 6 days, you will visit the caves, you will go to Lourdes or you'll find in museums.

Day 1 : Hautes-Pyrénées Day 2 : Tarbes Day 3 : Payolle a-day-at-bagneres-de-bigorre

Discover the Hautes Pyrénées department

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Campan
  • Durée : 6 jours

Visit the department of the high pyrenees and pass a stay of relaxation. profit from many sports activities and cultural.

visit-the-campan-valley discover-the-town-of-bagneres discover-the-town-of-gavarnie-gedre saint-lary-soulan-100-pyrenees


  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Campan
  • Durée : 3 jours

Campan is located in the department of the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Midi-Pyrenees area. Commune located in the Pyrenees in valley of Campan at the junction of Adour and Adour de Payolle.

discover-the-valley-of-campan religious-heritage-in-campan the-war-memorial-of-campan

Welcome to Bagnères-de-Bigorre

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Bagneres-de-bigorre
  • Durée : 4 jours

Bagnères-de-Bigorre is located in the department of the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Midi-Pyrenees area; this is one of the sub-prefecture of the department. This is a city of Pyrenean Piedmont which the economic activity is strongly related on tourism and hydrotherapy, this is the ...

discover-bagneres-de-bigorre visit-the-monuments-in-bagneres-de-bigorre aquensis-the-water-city tourism-in-the-surroundings
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