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Tour to discover Lorraine

For 5 days, you will explore the Lorraine. You will include the towns of Nancy and Verdun.

Day 1 Verdun Day 2 : Verdun the-beauty-of-nature Day 4 : Epinal

The Art Nouveau Cruise

Cruise west through the rolling plains of the Lorraine region, stopping to visit Réchicourt le Château via the excellent fishing lake at Gondrexange. Admire the 15th century Basilica at St Nicolas de Port before arriving in beautiful Nancy. Head to Place Stanislas for glitzy shopping ...

stop-in-gondrexange stop-in-lagarde stop-in-saint-nicolas-de-port stop-in-nancy

The Napoleon Cruise

A gentle cruise along the River Saône to St. Jean-de-Losne in the heart of Burgundy. Notable villages worth visiting en route include Jussy, Port-Sur-Saône and Gray before reaching the historic city of Auxonne. Beaune - the wine growing centre of Burgundy is within easy reach of St. ...

stop-in-selles stop-in-port-sur-saone stop-in-scey-sur-saone stop-in-ray-sur-saone

Road of the glass and the Crystal

Crystal glass-making of Baccarat and saint Rémy's stained glasses Museum of the fine arts(School of Fine Arts) Vannes Châtel Crystal glass-making of Portieux

visits-of-the-crystal-glass-making-daum departure-for-portieux baccarat-capital-of-the-crystal

Stay in the heart of the Lorraine

Discover the cities of Lorraine through a 4-day tour.

lucey-toul-vannes-le-chatel nancy saint-nicolas-de-port pont-a-mousson

Lorraine, earth of passion and savoir-faire

Fixed price includes: At 2 nights in hotel *** to have breakfast understood, 2 dinners, Visit of the mines of  Val de Fer,conducted tour of the vineyard and the cellar,  tasting of wines 2 lunches (not included drinks) Conducted tour of the garden of Roises, 1 present to remember of ...

val-de-fer vineyard-and-garden-of-roises cruise-on-nancy

Visit the town of Epinal

Epinal, in the heart of the Vosges ... Website of the Office of Tourism:

right-bank-the-historical-center left-bank-rualmenil nature-environment sports


Grand is a commune of the Vosges department and the Lorraine region.

the-amphitheatre the-mosaic-of-grand the-city-wall-of-grand


Neufchâteau is located in the department of the Vosges and the Lorraine region.

discover-neufchateau the-abreuvoir


Vittel is located in the department of the Vosges and the Lorraine region.

vittel-heritage discover-the-convention-centre casino-of-vittel

Welcome to Metz

Discover Metz.

discover-metz visit-the-districts parks-and-gardens-in-metz the-city-walls-tour