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A gentle cruise along the River Saône to St. Jean-de-Losne in the heart of Burgundy. Notable villages worth visiting en route include Jussy, Port-Sur-Saône and Gray before reaching the historic city of Auxonne. Beaune - the wine growing centre of Burgundy is within easy reach of St. Jean-de-Losne.

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Stop in Selles

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Stop in this small village to wonder around the small streets of the city center. Take your bikes and travel 4km until you get to Passavant-la-Rochère. You'll find a glass factory. You will find artisans working in glass like in the old days. And if your wish it, enjoy some time to do some shopping in the store just outside the factory.

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nuits-insolites-a-la-ferme-aventure la-chapelle-aux-bois

Nuits insolites à la ferme aventure

  • La chapelle-aux-bois
  • 03 29 30 11 79
hotel-residence-du-lac-la-mezelle bourbonne-les-bains

Hôtel Résidence du Lac la Mézelle

  • Bourbonne-les-bains
  • 03 25 90 11 80
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Hôtel-club Cosmos

  • Contrexeville
  • 03 29 07 61 61

Stop in Port-sur-Saône

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Port-sur-Saone is a city rich in history, and cultural dynamics. It is a real tourist hub.

What to see / visit in Port-sur-Saone

  • The pool is located in a pleasant green setting at the edge of the Saone
  • The banks of the Saône are for lovers of walks along the water
  • The Clepsyde, a water clock running on the same principle as the sand hourglass
  • For those traveling with family, please visit the Deer Park, the Lama and the Square Gorget for fun activities

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chateau-d-epenoux pusy-et-epenoux

Château d'Epenoux

  • Pusy-et-epenoux
  • 03 84 75 19 60

Stop in Scey sur Saône

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Scey sur-Saone, known as a town with a Franche-Compté character (label given to the most beautiful towns in the region), is located along the Saone.

What to see / visit Scey-sur-Saône:

  • Church of the eighteenth century.
  • Ancient castle of the Dukes of Bauffremont.
  • The Tunnel of Saint Albin
  • Many houses in turn
  • Crosses and Fountains
  • Pony Club for the little ones
  • Museum of History and Costume

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chateau-d-epenoux pusy-et-epenoux

Château d'Epenoux

  • Pusy-et-epenoux
  • 03 84 75 19 60

Stop in Ray-sur-Saône

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The village lies along the Saone valley at the foot of the hill on which the castle stands proudly. The latter, as well as the thirteenth century church, the laundry fountain, the various crosses are many things that will make walking a very agreable activity for visiting tourists.

What to see / visit in Ray-sur-Saone

  • Important Castle of the Lords of Ray dominating the valley of the Saone.
  • The church whose construction dates back to the ninth century. The chorus was built before 1224. The side chapels were constructed in the fourteenth century. The key to the central vault is dated 1550. The bell tower, destroyed in 1642, was rebuilt in 1768.
  • The laundry fountain
  • The crosses

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chateau-de-rigny rigny

Château de Rigny

  • Rigny
  • 03 84 65 25 01
chateau-d-epenoux pusy-et-epenoux

Château d'Epenoux

  • Pusy-et-epenoux
  • 03 84 75 19 60

Stop in Gray

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Gray is one of the most important cities on the " Saône" which has about 10,000 inhabitants. Destroyed by fire 2 times in the Middle Ages, Gray was rebuilt and became an important commercial and industrial center in the 17th century. The city reached the peak of its prosperity in the 19th century, it was a place for rotating the craft trade went up and down the Saone. More recently, this trade has disappeared, giving way to lighter industries and tourism.

What to see / visit in Gray:

  • Castle of Gray
  • Martin Baron Museum of Art and Archaeology
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Gray
  • Jesuit College
  • Carmelite convent
  • Courthouse of Gray
  • Theatre of Gray
  • The Natural History Museum

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chateau-de-rigny rigny

Château de Rigny

  • Rigny
  • 03 84 65 25 01

Stop in Auxonne

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With it's magnificient past, Auxonne is the link between two of our most beautiful French provinces Burgundy and Franche-Comte. This city has many attractions, on the historic perspective and the culinary attraits that include good restaurants, cafes and bars. The village is known for its tranquility and calm.

What to see / visit in Auxonne:

  • The museum Bonaparte is named in honor of Napoleon. It is a beautiful site to visit due to its history and architecture.
  • The Notre Dame Church
  • The fortifications of the seventeenth century and the arsenal and the Vauban barracks.
  • It is advisable to walk around the walls and finish the tour by the castle.
  • The Station Verte will be a good stopping point for those who like sports: tennis, the swimming pool, fishing, water sports (sailing, canoeing / kayaking, among other activities ...)
  • The Forest of Crochères is the largest municipal forest. You will find several trails to walk by or ride a bike under the shadow of historical trees.
  • The Place forte

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Stop in Saint-Jean-de-Losne

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Saint-Jean-de-Losne is the largest river port in France, you will have the opportunity to go shopping in the local businesses, but also to fill up with water and plug electricity in our base.

What to see / visit in Saint-Jean-des-Losne:

  • Town hall
  • Mariners' House
  • Church of St. John the Baptist. This is one of the most curious of Burgundy. The choir is directed, contrary to the Catholic tradition who wished to be turned eastward, toward Jerusalem.
  • Participate in the Pardon of the Mariners during the last weekend of June
  • The Batellerie museum
  • The Galerie du Cerf

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Le Boat

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