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The Boat: first hire boats in Europe, specializing in the rental of boats and barges without license.

Le Boat brings together the sister companies (Crown Blue Line, Connoisseur, Emerald Star) in the same single banner, to offer you the biggest and the best choice of boat rental, cruise destinations and itineraries in Europe. Incomparable quality of service before, during and after your cruise.

Over 40 years of experience in customer support for the discovery of the pleasures of cruising in our parts of Europe.


Le Boat : Unusual accommodation



Le Boat is proud to build, own, operate and maintain the largest fleet of inland waterways cruisers in the world.

With over 1000 boats and some 50 different models to choose from, you can be sure of finding the perfect boat to suit your party size, needs and budget.
650 € à partir de
zoom Magnifique

Magnifique (boat)

Along 14.50 meters Model Beautiful is The Greatest Of UN Nos boats. It offer unparalleled improvements Combining quality with comfort and space. Discover the best of our fleet !
Sleeps 10
cabins 4
Bathrooms- bath 3
497 € à partir de
zoom Royal Mystique

Royal mystique (boat)

Along 13.25 meters, the Royal Mystique model is the embodiment of pure luxury . This boat is one of the most popular of all the Le Boat fleet !
Sleeps 6
cabins 2
Bathrooms 2
539 € à partir de
zoom Caprice

Caprice (boat)

At once elegant, modern and well laid out, the Caprice 12 meters offers a large indoor and outdoor space , a spacious deck and a rear seating exceptionally great!
Sleeps 6
cabins 2
Bathrooms 2
315 € à partir de
zoom Calypso

Calypso (boat)

Calypso model was specifically designed for lovers of traditional river cruises. Along 13.25 meters , this boat is both spacious and luxurious . Come find out!
Sleeps 8
cabins 3
Bathrooms 2
427 € à partir de
zoom Crusader

Crusader (boat)

The Crusader model is in demand ! Long 11,90 meters and fully equipped, this yacht is part of the larger models and is a true villa on the water!
Sleeps 6
cabins 3
Bathrooms 3
366 € à partir de
zoom Clipper

Clipper (boat)

Along 11 meters, our intermediate model Clipper offers a wealth of upscale amenities , including a raised deck with a comfortable seat !
Sleeps 6
cabins 2
Bathrooms 2
345 € à partir de
zoom Salsa A

Salsa a (boat)

With 14.50 meters long, the top model A Salsa is one of our larger boats. It is equipped with comfortable seating, large windows and offers a large open space in the living room .
Sleeps 10
cabins 4
Bathrooms 2
478 € à partir de
zoom Grand Classique

Grand classique (boat)

Along 14.63 meters , the model Grand Classique is one of our larger boats. Take a luxury cruise ship that is both spacious and elegant!
Sleeps 12
cabins 5
Bathrooms 3
543 € à partir de
zoom Elegance

Elegance (boat)

Along 13.10 meters, the Elegance model offers modern amenities ideal for a cruise refined and comfortable. Take a cruise elegant and upscale !
Sleeps 6
cabins 3
Bathrooms 3
393 € à partir de
zoom Vision 3

Vision 3 (boat)

The specially developped pay Boat, EC permanent model ensures June cruise with ease!
sleeps 10
3 cabins
Bathrooms 3
519 € à partir de

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Castelnaudary is situated in the department of the Aude and the region Languedoc-Roussillon. Castelnaudary is related to the former province of the Lauragais, cradle of the catharisme. The city is known for its stew, ...