Tours Le mont-saint-michel

A weekend to discover the Mont -Saint- Michel

Throughout the weekend , you'll discover from the Mont -Saint- Michel . You will know everything between its history, its legends , its population ...

Day 1 : Mont Saint Michel Day 2 : Avranches

Normandy and the D-Day

Three departments (the Cavaldos, Manche and Orne) gather a large number of museums and memorials in remembrance of D-Day and the following months. On the occasion of the 70th ...

 Day 1 : Cherbourg-Octeville Day 2 : Arromanches  Day 3 : Juno Beach Center<a href=Crédit Photo " title=" Day 3 : Juno Beach CenterCrédit Photo "/> Day 4 :  Pegasus Bridge

3 days in the Cotentin, around Hauteville sur Mer

Enjoy a weekend in Hauteville sur mer. This family resort Northwest Cotentin is ideally situated for exploring the Normandy bocage and enjoys a privileged climate.

Day 1 : Hauteville sur Mer Day 2 : Coutances Day 3 : Jersey

Tour to explore Manche

For 6 days, you will discover the heritage of La Mancha. Our tour begins with the famous Mont Saint Michel and ends with the nose Jobourg.

Day 1 : Mont Saint-Michel Day 2 : Granville Day 3 : Utah Beach Day 4 : Barfleur

The Mont Saint-Michel

Discover the ecological, architectural and historical attractions as well as the beauty of the Bay.

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Pontorson is located in the Manche department in the region Basse-Normandie. Pontorson and its county enjoy an oceanic weather often protected by the Mont Saint-Michel Bay

discover-pontorson the-religious-monuments

Discover the Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel

The bay is listed by the UNESCO since 1979 as world heritage. The image and reputation of the bay are strongly linked to the landscapes surrounding the Mont Saint-Michel.

discovering-the-bay the-mont-saint-michel tombelaine


Ducey is located on the banks of the Selune in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay, Ducey has several tourist attractions.

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Saint-James is a commune located in the La Manche department in the Basse-Normandie region. Saint James is also located between Normandy and Brittany. The county has a rich and ...

the-american-military-cemetery discover-the-county-of-mortain discover-brehal

Discover La Manche department

Discover the cities in La Manche department.

discover-the-town-of-saint-james discover-the-town-of-ducey discover-the-town-of-granville

Between Saint-Jacques and Saint-Michel

Montjoie Saint-Martin is located on Saint James' way and the Mont Saint-Michel's way where different monuments are scattered along the way.

montjoie-saint-martin barneville-carteret discover-the-town-of-saint-james

On William the Conqueror's footsteps

William the Conqueror fortified the town of Saint-James to protect it against British invaders. You will discover the vestiges via two footpaths  around the town and its ...

montmartin-sur-mer discover-carentan coutance

The 'Pays de la baie'

Near the Emeraude Coast, between Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel, not far from Dinan, Fougere and Rennes, the 'Pays de la Baie' offers many tourist infrastructures.

the-bay-of-mont-saint-michel pays-de-dol-de-bretagne the-marshes-of-dol


Dol-de-Bretagne is a commune located in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in the region of Brittany.

dol-de-bretagne medreac