Tours Lamure-sur-azergues

Tour to explore Lyon

During a weekend, discover the city of Lyon. Former capital of the Gauls in the Roman Empire, the city occupies a strategic position.

Day 2 : Lyon Day 1 : Lyon


Located at about fifty kilometers in the North-West of Lyons agglomeration, the village of Lamure-sur-Azergues is in full heart of the Green Beaujolais wine a territory where marry ...

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Welcome to Beaujeu ( Rhône )

Beaujeu honours the glorious past. It is the historical capital of the Beaujolais wine, area to which the lords of the place gave their name: Beaujeu - Beaujolais wine. It was one ...

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Located at 60 km of Lyon, 47 km of Villefranche-sur-Saône, 30 km of Roanne and 15 km of Winnowing machine, hang on the oceanic slope of the Mounts of the Beaujolais wine and ...

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Welcome to Tarare

Tarare is a city located at 40 km of Lyon, 42 km of Roanne, 32 km of Villefranche-sur-Saône and Limonest, 120 km of Clermont-Ferrand and 35 km of Feurs, on the rivers of Turdine ...

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Beaujolais wine route

Discover Beaujolais country, whose vineyard covers 22 500 hectares, its plump hills, crumbling vineyards, churches, castles, houses harmonious ... See on

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