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The quality way of life is one of the main assets of Chaumont, with its green belt and its very close forests, is a “city in the green”.
The richness and the variety of the inheritance add in the environmental quality.

Visit the monuments in Chaumont

  • The Saint Jean-baptiste Basilica
    In the middle of the old medieval city, it is set up in 13th century and preserved its frontage and its nave.
  • The Tower of Arse
    Integral Part of the first belt of the ramparts, it is the only vestige of the Voie-de-l’Eau gate of the Middle Age marked the South-West entry of the city.
  • Le Noble Court (16th century)
    This closed place had preserved one of the two square towers (16th) whose door is overcomed by a sort of nest.

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Visit the museums in Chaumont

  • The Museum of the Crib
    Conceived around the evocation of Christmas, it presents the most beautiful collection of Napolitan cribs of18th century preserved in France.
  • The Museum of Art and History
    You will admire there a collection of paintings among which those of Paul de Vos, Bartholoméo Bettera, François-Alexandre Pernot, the drawings and sculptures of Jean-baptiste and Edme Bouchardon, an evocation of the glove factory in Chaumont which will lose at the middle of the 20th century, as well as old plays and toys.

  • The Dungeon
    Raised on a natural spur dominating the valley of Suize, it is the only remain of the castle of the Counts de Champagne, cradle of the city.

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Richness of the town of Chaumont

  • Boulingrin
    Arranged during the dismantling of the fortifications, the Garden of Boulingrin (translation of bowling-green) is decorated by a monumental fountain acquired in 1865 near the foundry of Tusey.
  • The Jesuits Chapel
    Imposing by wide dimensions, it is the testimony of the importance of the college of the Jesuits early created in 1617.

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The town's history of Chaumont

  • The Turrets
    Characteristics of Chaumont, the turrets prick the curiosity of the flanor who surveys the old city.
  • Wash House of En Buez
    Located at the edge of La Suize at the bottom of the outcrop on which the city was built, it recalls that the city was not fed directly out of water. There was only one well and cisterns.
  • Silos
    The silos shelter a prestigious fund: 5.000 posters of the end of the 19th century coming from the Dutailly legacy, more than 15.000 contemporary posters, 450 manuscripts and incunables.

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Visit the old Hospital in Chaumont

  • The Old Hospital
    Since 1716, Jean-baptiste Bouchardon is charged to draw up a project “of hospital and manufactures of Chaumont”, whose establishment will be done outside the city to move away the patients who can be contagious and make them profit from the fresh air of the countryside.
  • The Viaduct
    Its dimensions (600 m length, 50 arches on 52 m height) one of the most remarkable structures of the middle of the 19th century in Europe, and maybe in the world.

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Tuffière de Rolampont - petrifying waterfall


Tuffière de Rolampont - petrifying waterfall : monumental natural steps built by the streaming of water in calcareous area.
Tuffière de Rolampont is in fact the largest of the North-East of France.

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