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Head town district in the Haute-Marne in the centre of the triangle formed by the cities of Châtillon-sur-Seine, Bar-sur-Aube and Chaumont, Châteauvillain counts 1733 inhabitants with the hamlet of Montribourg and the associated towns of Créancey.

The Deers Park


The Deers Park is 277 hectares surrounded by a wall of 6 Km, was bought by the town of Châteauvillain in 1988 to the d'Orléans family.

Walk in the avenues, botanical traverses, resurgence of the Aujon "to the Abysses", traces of former quarries (rocks of the 14th century) and discovery of a natural site with more than one hundred deers.

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The Trinity Chapel in Chateauvillain


The Trinity Chapel built in 1641 outside of the city has painted walls, rock pictures, old statues and interesting graves rocks.

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