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Small medieval town situated between vines and forests, Mussy-sur-Seine will enjoy you by its history, its wealthy architecture and the various leisures activities.

Come to discover this calm town and taste the true cheese of Mussy-sur-Seine.

The Museum of the Resistant fighters


In Mussy-sur-Seine in the Aube district, was created in 1967 "The Museum of the Resistant fighters", a tribute to the bravery of the french civilians soldiers.

The museum wants to perpetuate the memory of the resistants that fought in June 1944 in the "maquis" near Mussy-Grancey in the forest between the valley of the Seine and the valley of the Ource.

This bush, placed under the command of Emile Alagiraude, aka Montcalm, grouped together 200 FFI in June 1944 at the disembarkation of Normandy, and close to 1 200 at the end of the month of July.

The Museum was installed in the building of the former French police force at the disposal of the Friendly one voluntary Fighters of the secret army and Committee of the memory of the bush of mussy-grancey. The museum was inaugurated by Robert Galley in May 1971, in the presence of the prefect of the Aube and general counselors of Mussy and Bar-sur-Seine. The collections presents equipment, prisoner costumes, photographs, posters of the Resistance, as well as flags of the Montcalm secret army and 131st Regiment of infantry. This museum, sustained by the Regional Service of the National Office of the Former Fighters and the Education Academy of the Aube district, is opened to all visitors and schoolars.

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The salt barn and the town


Stronghtened village until to the French Revolution, the center of Mussy has a medieval architecture with a labyrinth of small picturesque streets.

The tangled abodes from the 16th century, the Jewish area and the numerous public structures are witnesses of its glorious past.
One of the more remarkablemonument is the Salt barn from the 14th century and the porch opened to the "Jews street" where is the "Rabbi's house", a wonderful Renaissance building.

Back up to the ages while crossing the town heart : the House of the Canon, the Covered Market Boursault and the former Hospital.

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The ice-house of Mussy-sur-Seine


The ice-house in Mussy-sur-Seine was a "refrigerator" for the bishops of Langres when they stayed in their summer residence.

This structure is a spectacular cylinder of 6.5 m high and 10m depth and was used to stock the ice blocks.

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