Tours Mussy-sur-seine


Small medieval town situated between vines and forests, Mussy-sur-Seine will enjoy you by its history, its wealthy architecture and the various leisures activities. Come to ...

the-museum-of-the-resistant-fighters the-salt-barn-and-the-town the-ice-house-of-mussy-sur-seine


Châtillon-sur-Seine is a commune located in the Côte-d'or department in the Burgundy region. The Seine flow through the town which is located in an massive ...

the-musee-du-pays-chatillonnais the-chatillonnaise-forest discover-the-vineyard


The city and its vicinity will transport you the origin on the order of the templiers in our days!

house-of-the-16th-century saint-roch-and-his-dog saint-etienne-church