Escapade en auvergne

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DepartureTHIEZAC (15)

Discover Auvergne

Coltines en Planeze


Morning: COLTINES EN PLANEZE: At the heart of town, the Museum of Agriculture has found its place in a typical farmhouse of the XVII century, an architectural heritage of this corner of Cantal built on a basalt flow, you'll find the stable where the cowherd neighbored with animals, a wide array of fine tools witnesses of ancestral knowledge of Auvergne.
Each season has its activity: the summer with the haying and harvest, autumn with its plowing its fairs and markets. A background sound, bellowing, barking, fake being sharpened, bird songs, accompanies the tour. Back. Lunch.
Afternoon: SALERS: Located at 950 m altitude in the Natural Park of Auvergne Volcanoes ranked among the most beautiful villages of France with its buildings listed or historic monuments. Through its site and included many works of art contained in the Church of Saint-Mathieu, Salers presents an outstanding collection of mainly XV and XVI centuries, a period of introducing the Bailiwick Royal Mountains of Auvergne. Today, Salers, with its rich past, resolutely turned towards tourism. Back by Aurillac, dinner. Dance party "sangria pancakes."

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Day around volcan


In the land of wide open spaces: RIOM ES MONTAGNES, countries of the Gentiane. SPACE AVEZE, Only house development of a gentian aperitif:l'Aveze.
Arriving at the castle of Auzers. Inhabited by the same family since the fourteenth century. You will be welcomed in a home alive or you can visit its magnificent rooms, its vaulted room with fireplaces of XIV century, his oratory and his polychrome paintings of the sixteenth century. Castle retains intact architecture of the High Auvergne and has all the attributes of the Maisdon Forte, Baronnie castle, its history you will be told. Lunch in the dining room of the castle, return by Cheylade, his church strong and stocky, she comes forward as a scout in the valley. The porch is covered by the bell. The interior has been redesigned several times especially after a fire during the Hundred Years War. Romance parties are discovered easily with a few interesting capitals, the font is Gothic and the baptismal.
Vaults of the church of Cheylade: 1428 griffons, chimeras, symbols, colorful flowers, familiar animals, cherubs, coats of arms of families of Dienne or Rochemonteix, enigmatic designs are painted in bright colors on the 1428 oak coffered of the three vaults of Cheylade church.  This polychrome inspired because of the small church of the XII century, resumed in the fifteenth century, after the Wars of Religion, a unique place in the region and probably in France. Col de Serre, Dienne Valley, dinner. Folklore evening.

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Medieval city


Morning: Drive to the Col de Curebourse view CROPIERES Castle, where Marie Angélique de Sorailles was born known as the Duchess of FONTANGES favorite of Louis XIV. The site of the rock of Carlat eruptions remaining volcanoes. Return on the tray of  BADAILLAC. Vic sur Cere, the mineral spring: its wonderful history. You should know that it is a source that was known of the Celts, Romans, Queen Marguerite de Valois (Queen Margot) and Anne of Austria. Waters Vic enjoyed a great expansion during the reign of Louis XIV. Today the source of mineral water belongs to the municipality. Lunch.
Afternoon: Departure for Marcoles: a medieval village in the heart of Chestnut of Auvergne.
Former priory of the Abbey of Aurillac, stronghold during the wars with the English speakers from time to time, "bonne ville" in the sixteenth century rich of a flourishing trade on the road between the mountains of Auvergne in the south already close ... Village of Marcoles has inherited a legacy of its long history, now renovated, constituting one of the major sites. House of the tower to the location of the original keep (1203), granite houses on the old ramparts, city gates, the "portail haut" and "portail bas" which remain visible hinges, harrows, archers and crest of the city, noble houses with mullioned windows and vaulted cellars along the "Rue Longue," Saint Martin's church with rich statuary (statues and chairs polychrome statue and relic of St. Martin ...), " Carrierons ", small picturesque streets to the special atmosphere, are the major strengths of the city whose architecture reflects the circular nature of its military origins. Visit the clog. Return and dinner. Evening planet discovered: Cantal.

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