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Located at the western north of the department of Ain, at 20 km of Borough in Bresse, Montrevel and its canton is in full heart of the Bresse of Ain, at 220 m high.

Discover Montrevel-en-Bresse and its canton


The canton is known and recognized for its poultry farmings of Bresse, very representative of the Bresse, while being near Burgundy and of Frank the County. The Glorious ones of Bresse (third Tuesday of December) are thus the occasion to present the most beautiful poultries. Just like in Bourg in Bresse, Pont-de-Vaux and Louhans, this day greets the know-how of our stockbreeders and attracts many gourmets.

Common the summer classified as “remarkable Site of the taste” in 1999 for the organization of this contest.

The canton of Montrevel en Bresse preserved many traces of the rural architecture bressane, like the low building without stage, of North-South orientation to the roof of weak slope and the curved tiles. In Montrevel-in-Bresse, the Farm of Sougey (which goes back to 1460) is an good example of these farms bressanes, with its famous chimney sarrasine, mystery of the history bressane.

To slacken you, the base of leisures the Tonic Plain is the ideal place: watery space, lake of 120 ha in full nature around you will be able to practise the bathe, water sports, fishing, etc.

To discover all the richnesses of the canton, come to traverse our paths with feet or bicycle. At the beginning of each commune of the loops from 7 to 21 km allow you to discover the landscapes bressans and the local inheritance.

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The summer visits of Montrevel-en-Bresse


This program of 43 visits, proposed by the cantonal Tourist office of Montrevel-en-Bresse.

The objective is to make discover our territory through its know-how, its diversity, its inheritance… thanks to the passion of our craftsmen, producers, owners and voluntary.

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The Tonic Plain: the relaxation life size


Imagine a lake of 120 hectares, in full nature, sand beaches end, islands with the wild character…

Stroke with the water skiing while passing by all the forms of navigation, discover an ideal watery environment for the discoveries.

Come to practise sport relaxation with the competitive sport, play of the emotion and of passion with complete freedom and in full safety thanks to a framing of qualified professionals.

That you are amateurs of idleness or sportsmen achieved, let you allure by a space of greenery to varied landscape environments where the surrounding countryside is a beautiful invitation with strolls, it is on foot, VTT or even with horse.

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