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Nestled between the rolling countryside of Provence and the mountains of Dauphiné, Laragne and its surroundings are bathed in sunshine and capped by a lavender blue sky. You will be dazzled by the areas numerous treasures; magnificent gorges, perched hilltop villages, the innumerable things to do, breathtaking scenery and unforgetable places to visit.

Discover Laragne-Montéglin


A dynamic town of 3.500 inhabitants, Laragne-Montéglin nestles among the orchards of the Buëch valley, on the ancient route from Marseille to Grenoble.

Amongst the commercial streets, you will discover its splendid fountains, its churches, the old Le Caire district, the monumental Door and the restored cellars of its castle,which currently house a museum.

Historically, Montéglin was more significant than Laragne which depended on Arzeliers,
now a small village to the north of Laragne.

Castle of Arzeliers : noncurrently protected place.

Today, the principal centre is Laragne. The development of the commune took place in the XVIIth Century when Gaspard de Perrinet built the castle.It is the only Château built entirely in the first half of the 17th century but has been extensively altered and rebuilt over the subsequent centuries. The central body of the château now contains a superb richly decorated gallery and houses exhibitions in the restored cellars.

The origin of the name “Laragne” is obscure. It could be derived from the old Provençal word "aranha", meaning "spider",and connected with the legend of a house with bearing a coat of arms depicting a spider.

Laragne-Montéglin's heraldic shield is composed of two equal transverse blue and yellow stripes. The colours come from the armorial bearings.

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Visit the perched villages


Travelling the roads of the area you will see many perched villages their houses nestling around a tower or church. They dominate the vibrant agriculture, fields and natural habitats of the Buëch and Durance valleys.

  • Upaix

Upaix overlooks the valleys of both the Durance and Buëch Rivers.Amogst its beautiful buildings can be found a listed XIVth century church, the entry door of the borough with its gothic arch, and the wonderfully restored vault of the penitent. Orientation table. Panoramic Sight.

  • Ventavon

Ventavon, is a very typical village surrounding its XIIth century church and XVth century castle.

  • Lagrand

Village with its listed church, the only building to survive from the Notre Dame de Lagrand priory founded in the year 1000. The Church is open every day in the summer with guided tours available in summer and at other times on request from the Serres tourist office.

  • Pomet

A small forgotten village, Pomet is situated like a fortress above the spectacular Méouge gorges. This small quiet hamlet is worth visiting to see its suspended houses and the incomparable views of the Gorge and surroundings.

  • Antonaves

A picturesque village nestled under the buttresses of St Cyr mountain.

  • Saléon

With its beautiful outlook over the Buëch Valley to the North and South.

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Follow the route of sundials ...


Following the route of sundials...

In a region famous for its historic sundials follow our local sundial route and discover the contemporary sundials, designed by Remi Potey a well known local fresco painter.

Sundials can be found at :

  • Antonaves : church
  • Barret sur Méouge : school
  • Eyguians : village hall
  • Laragne : church
  • Lazer :CCL and church
  • Le Poët : church
  • Monêtier Allemont : old co-operative
  • Ribiers : church
  • Salérans : council
  • Upaix : church
  • Ventavon : council

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An invitation to revitilize your spirit in Laragne-Montéglin

  • River Gorges of the Méouge

Famous for its scenery and its views as well as for its swimming holes and pools, it is also the start point of a number of breathtaking and spectacular walks.

Its deep and sinuous gorges contains an impetuous torrent which cascades down to shape wonderful rocks, pools and pebbled beaches and natural swimming basins.

The surrounding valley sides are designated as a nature reserve and is home to many rare and important species. Information panels will help you discover the gorge's natural and cultural heritage including the medieval three arched bridge.

  • The lavender roads

If you visit the area between mid-June and the end of August you will discover splendid fields of lavender. Several routes of discovery are present in the Buëch valley including one which leads you from Laragne up to the town of Aspres sur Buëch.

  • The gypsum routes

Gypsum, the best-known form of which is the plaster exploited mainly around Lazer and Upaix, is widely used for wonderful decorative and architectural features such as monumental chimneys, door frames, staircases, walls or ceilings.

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Pedestrian excursions of Laragne-Montéglin


More than 25 circuits in loop, marked out and maintained are proposed to you on the whole of Laragnais and the Gorges of the Méouge.

Easy walk for the majority which will enable you to discover splendid landscapes and to breathe the pure air of our area.

Botanical paths, specifically in the old Eyguians is waiting for you.

The professionals will make you share their passion for fauna and the flora at the time of accompanied excursions as your convenience : Mr Mevolhon.

For more information : Espace Randonnée des Pays du Buëch

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Cycle touring in Laragne-Montéglin


The paradise of the cyclotourists is well in Laragnais.At the beginning of Laragne, many travelling routes, far from the large axes of circulation, will take you along in the Throats of Méouge, with the St Jean's collar, La fromagère's collar, Upaix or Ventavon...

The bicycle is not remains about it since the General Council of Hautes-Alpes and CDT engaged a vast action plan aiming at improving the reception, the information and the safety of cyclists.

In Laragne, the Cyclo-club proposes parts every Saturday,Sunday and Monday. Booklets available at the tourist office for details about the routes.

Idea of route « Les gorges de la Méouge »

Discover the Méouge gorges by Bike without difficulties in 3 hours for 55 km. Departure from Laragne in the direction of Ribiers/ Méouge gorges, thee road goes down a little, cross theBuëch then after 4 km turn to the right in the direction Barret-sur-Méouge. Cycle along the river for 25 km through the gorges, then you will find yourself in the Drôme department. A little after taking Lachau direction on the left, one crosses, going up to the collar of Araud. To the collar, turn on your left, and by a fast descent, you will pass Salérans and return by Barret-sur-Méouge.

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Horse riding in Laragne-Montéglin


It is also possible to discover the Laragnais with horses. Many paths, as of many riding schools allow the equestrian excursion.

The professionals of horsemanship will propose activities with the chart to you, accompanied excursions, equestrian lodgings for your training courses.

Walks at the sides of the asses are also possible and ideal for the children.

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