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DepartureMATHA (17)

Matha is a french town, located in the department of the Charente-Maritime and the Poitou-Charentes area. Inhabitants of Matha are called Mathaliens.

Discover the catle of Matha


The castle of Matha is in Charente-Maritime, on the commune of Matha.

Currently, it does not remain, on a hillock accessible to the public, a house rebirth. The square tower on three floors is raising on a porch. It is flanked by a second round square of the same height, but less dimensions.

The two turns are crowned crenels and machicolation and are capped high roofs of the slates. The windows and a door are decorated carved pediments.

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The castle of Neuvicq


The castle of Neuvicq is a blazing good example of Gothic architecture. Famous families followed one another in this castle among them: the Mow Rochandry de Basternay, Montespan and of Laurencie.

The castle was built on the basis of old catle extremely in 1478. It is composed of a large body of home on three floors with the top of a vast arched cellar being used as kitchen where one can notice a chimney of XV century. It is flanked with its two north-eastern and south-eastern angles of two grosses towers in pepper plantations with crenels and richly decorated machicolations.

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Visit Macqueville city


Come in family, between friends, in Macqueville, in a magic vine with the " Stock enchanté" , to discover work of the vine grower.

A play, stations of visit, decorations, lightings, voice-overs, special effects will enable you to go to the meeting of the history of the Cognac, Pineau and the wine.

The magic vine is to be discovered of day and night between May and September included.

Juliette, Jean-François Quéron and their children will be happy to accomodate you in an ocean of vines, with the " Stock enchanté" , to make you share their love of the vineyard.

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Religious inheritance in Matha


The Saint-Hérie church of XII century presents beautiful a frontage-screen Romance broken unfortunately. You perceived the vestiges of a carved rider and a female statue vêtue of a bliaud there. The local tradition sees Sainte Blandine there, but no historical proof corroborates this attribution. With the reverse of this frontage are two large Romance capitals, obviously older, re-installed in the church. The chorus was strongly altered in XIV century in the radiant Gothic style. Presenting high bays decorated with rubble fillings, he recalls in modest version the rise in the Ste Chapelle of Paris. This chorus was entirely restored in the years 1960 (reopening of bays, repair of the vault, d' realization; a keystone). At the same time you removed paintings of the XIX century which decorated the walls and columns of the Romance nave. Since, the church presents a very sober interior.

Stained glasses of the chorus, realized by Gerard Lardeur, glass Master, in 2002.

The church Saint-Pierre de Marestay is also Romance of XIIe century.

This building remain only the chorus, transept and the first stage of the bell-tower. In the interior it preserves Gothic frescos. The cupola on pendentive of the chorus is the result of an awkward repair during the centuries. Originally, it was on horns. 

The protesting temple incorporates in its structure the vestiges of a Romance vault which the origin is unknown to date.

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Abbaye Royale

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