Expo "les alpes, une frontière ?"

The Alps: lands of passage, exchanges or wars. The current borders between France and Italy, stabilized shortly after the Second World War, are the result of a long geopolitical history which, from Louis XIV to the present day, has seen many twists and turns.

The exhibition-file "The Alps, a border?" returns to this history and underlines the relativity of the concept of natural borders. It presents two impressive relief plans: Mont-Dauphin (Hautes-Alpes, 1709) and Fenestrelle (Italy, 1757), in an entirely refurbished space.

All accompanied by numerous documents, maps and plans from the 17th to the 19th century, as well as a series of contemporary photos of the Alps, by photographer Pierre Vallet.

Free exhibition-file, included in the admission ticket to the museum.

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