Croisières Saumur-Loire

Board the Saumur-Loire and rediscover the vocation of sailor Saumur! As travelers of old, approaching the city by the river and enjoy a better view of the castle Saumur, the chapel Ardilliers, large limestone facades, docks ... Capacity: 64 seats. Length: 50 min - no reservation (price see practical information). Cruise Meals - Basket tasting Petty Appetizer descent to Saint-Martin-de-la-Place, Packed Lunches tasting of Domaine de la Blairie when rise to Saumur. 1:45 navigation Reservation 24 hours in advance Adult: 35 € Child (-12): 20 € Family Pass 2 adults and 2 children (under 12 years): 95 € Hours: 11:45 Wednesday, 19:30 on Thursday or Friday, except September 19h Shuttle Coche water Saumur / Montsoreau As before, every Saturday, sail a castle to another or embarking and disembarking over the ports! What charm to go to market or Saumur to grant a detour Montsoreau by taking a magical and exhilarating river! reservation Child: 5 € Adult: 11 € (except Saumur / Villebernier and Montsoreau / Candes: € 5) Family Pass: 2 adults and 2 children (under 12 years): 27 € (except Saumur / Villebernier: 20 €) Shuttle Saumur / Montsoreau "Senses" One Saturday a month, silence is king and gossip are prohibited. Let yourself be carried by the singing of birds, lapping the boat and enter the atmosphere of the Loire.

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