Cours Mirabeau

From 1646, the authorities of the city of Aix-en-Provence decided to create a major traffic artery instead of the old ramparts. The rich families in Aix undertake to build their mansion on either side of this axis during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Each resident then competed with elegance and majesty, for instance the Hotel as Arbaud-Jouques whose facade is entirely of carved stone. Others are sumptuous inside, such as the Hotel Isoard Vauvenargues. One of the first to be built is the hotel Espagnet, it's balcony is a model of Baroque art in Aix. The Cours Mirabeau is also extremely busy with cafes, such as the cafe of the Two Boys, a real institution in Aix. You will see beautiful old fountains along your route, including the mossy fountain whose water source is surprisingly hot. In winter the temperature shock causes a light mist over the fonatine. Other squares and fountains can be discovered, such as the square Forbin or the fountain of the Nine Canons.

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