The MUCEM wanted the cultural heritage of all disciplines in the humanities and artistic expressions of the two shores of the Mediterranean is accessible to all audiences. To meet these challenges, the Jouve Group, a specialist in digital and new uses expert has implemented a literature search application collections in partnership with the publisher Antidot.

Jouve ITS (SSII the Jouve Group) has put all its technical know-how and experience in the promotion of cultural projects MUCEM service. The Jouve teams have done indexing and annotation of all the museum's collections and selected application has been enhanced to allow navigation Collections by frame, a guided search (thematic access, alphabetical list of new ... ) displaying the results, consultation descriptive elements and viewing digital documents associated.

The application of evolutionary literature meets all the challenges of this project: development of a collection of nearly a million documents, internal data sharing and interoperability with external sources.

With this application, and through the new Internet site, the public can now access over 250,000 objects, 110,000 prints, ethnographic drawings, posters, paintings, 500,000 photographs, 140,000 postcards, 95,000 books, 460 hours of video recordings and thousands of scores, sound recordings, audiovisual recordings and paper archives. It has been scanned in the last 20 years thanks to the considerable efforts of the state.

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