Jardins Botaniques Borély

The Jardin botanique Borély also known as the Jardin botanique de Marseille is a municipal botanical garden located in the Borély Parc in Marseille, France. The garden is Marseille's fourth botanical garden. Its first was established by René of Anjou near the Abbaye Saint-Victor as the Jardin botanique des Chartreux. The second was inaugurated in 1802 by Joséphine de Beauharnais and managed by M. Gouffé de la Cour, but disappeared in 1856 to make way for a railway. The garden was then re-located in the Parc Borély that was soon judged too small so land was purchased next to the park, to which the garden was relocated. Today the garden contains over 3,500 species, arranged in a garden of medicinal plants, a traditional Chinese garden, palmetum (palm garden), garden vines, Mediterranean garden, and a Japanese garden. And finally, a greenhouse containing nearly 300 species of South African flora.

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