Musée Fenaille

The Musée Fenaille, located in the heart of the city of Rodez, is a museum of Art, History and Archaeology created more than 170 years ago and considered to be one of the finest archaeological museums in France. The Fenaille Museum is also called the "Little Louvre of Aveyron", due to its collections but also for its architecture, its reception and its many services offered to visitors.

The fame of the Fenaille Museum is based on the unique collection of statues-menhirs, carved 5000 years ago, which is the oldest and largest in Western Europe. These statues-menhirs, in which the most famous “Dame de Saint-Sernin” lies, are the oldest large prehistoric human figures to date.

Created by the Society of Arts, Sciences and Arts of the Aveyron, the Fenaille Museum offers to visitors a journey through time in 4 steps to discover the history of Rouergue from 300,000 BC to the seventeenth century: visiting statues-menhirs and other objects of prehistoric, ancient Rodez, Rouergue in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period.

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