Museums in Pays de la Loire

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Museums en Pays de la Loire

maison-de-georges-clemenceau saint-vincent-sur-jard

Maison de Georges Clémenceau

The house of Georges Clémenceau is located in the surroundings of Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard, on the ...


chateau-de-mayenne mayenne

Château de Mayenne

Mayenne's castle is a castle dating from the eighth century located in the department of Mayenne Mayenne. ...


musee-de-la-roche-sur-yon la-roche-sur-yon

Musée de La Roche-sur-Yon

The Museum of La Roche-sur-Yon is an art museum, created in the mid 19th century. Visitors will discover works ...


ecomusee-de-saint-nazaire saint-nazaire

Ecomusée de Saint-Nazaire

The Ecomusée of Saint-Nazaire is situated on a historical site, in front of the large port of Saint ...


musee-du-champignon saumur

Musée du Champignon

The Mushroom Museum is located in Saumur. It is divided into three parts: troglodyte house, the museum of wild ...


pierre-et-lumiere saumur

Pierre et Lumière

"Pierre et Lumière" is one of the great miniature park in Europe. In an underground scene, ...


musee-vert le-mans

Musée Vert

The Musée Vert is located in a building from the nineteenth century. It has in its collection some ...

LE MANS (72)

le-musee-du-pays-de-guerande guerande

Le Musée du Pays de Guérande

Founded in 1928 , the Museum of the Pays de Guérande is SINCE 2004 Managed by the municipality. In the ...


musee-des-beaux-arts angers

Musée des beaux-arts

The Museim of arts of Angers is in a mansion built in the fifteenth century. The house has also guest Received ...


musee-de-tesse le-mans

Musée De Tessé

The Eastern Tesse Museum The National Gallery of Le Mans. It is in a former Episcopal palace . The museum Has ...

LE MANS (72)

le-musee-de-l-ardoise-et-de-la-geologie renaze

Le musée de l'ardoise et de la géologie

The museum slate and Geology is the Basin Renazé site . The museum has met before the slate industry. ...


ecomusee-du-marais-breton-vendeen la-barre-de-monts

Ecomusée du marais Breton Vendéen

The Ecomusée Marais Breton Vendéen is the heart of non -rich environment. Housed In ...


le-musee-de-blain blain

Le Musée de Blain

The Museum of Blain is in the old town of city. It tells the story of the region A Travers A reconstruction of ...

BLAIN (44)

musee-de-la-cavalerie saumur

Musée de la Cavalerie

The museum is in Saumur. He tells all the French military history. The museum relate the history of the old ...


lactopole laval


Opened in 1999, The private museum Lactopole is in Laval The visitors can discover 2,500 items.  The ...

LAVAL (53)

musee-du-pays-de-retz bourgneuf-en-retz

Musée du Pays de Retz

The museum Retz tells the whole story of the region. Visitors can discover the tradional arts and popular. ...


musee-thomas-dobree montoir-de-bretagne

Musée Thomas-Dobrée

The Thomas- Dobrée museum tells the story of sailors Brière and their trips to the Caribbean. ...


le-grand-blockhaus batz-sur-mer

Le Grand Blockhaus

Le Grand Blockhaus is dedicated to the Second World War. Inside the museum , visitors can discover the history ...


le-musee-ornithologique-charles-payraudeau la-chaize-le-vicomte

Le Musée ornithologique Charles Payraudeau

The Ornithological Museum Charles Payraudeau is named after the first French zoologist . The museum has 310 ...


musee-robert-tatin cosse-le-vivien

Musée Robert Tatin

It was in 1962 that Robert Tatin buys this small house. Therefore , he will imagine a work rooted in nature. ...


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