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bastion-musee-jean-cocteau menton

Bastion - Musée Jean Cocteau

The Jean Cocteau Museum stands in a Bastion of the seventeenth century in the hollow of the pier of the port of Menton. It is in strolling around ...
musee-des-beaux-arts-palais-carnoles menton

Musée des Beaux-arts - Palais Carnolès

The Palace Carnolès, a former palace who belonged to the Princes of Monaco, is now a museum of art which has a priceless collection, the ...
musee-de-prehistoire-regionale menton

Musée de Préhistoire Régionale

The Regional Museum of Prehistory will help you to discover a million years in a journey of 60 minutes. The building, built in 1907 by Adrien ...
musee-jean-cocteau-collection-severin-wunderman menton

Musée Jean Cocteau Collection Severin Wunderman

Belgian-born American collector Severin Wunderman had the project of bringing a large part of his collection dedicated to Jean Cocteau and his ...

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