Musée Mathurin-Méheut

The Musée Méheut Mathurin, located in Lamballe in the department of Cotes d'Armor, is dedicated to the French painter, designer, illustrator, ceramist and sculptor Mathurin Méheut from Britain. This museum showcases the diversity of his work. The Musée Méheut Mathurin was established in 1972 with help from the Association "Les Amis de Mathurin Méheut, and from funds generously donated by workshop Méheut Mary, daughter of the artist.

Until the 1950’s his work was based on men and daily life, allowing him to involve his passion for Britain and his treasure into his work. The Musée Mathurin Méheut annually hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to themes used within the artists work; displaying a collection of more than 5,000 works.

Each year, a thematic exhibition presents a facet of his work such as biodiversity through the eyes of the artist from the early twentieth century, already involved in the environmental cause, even though at the time this was not a concern.

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