Château de Bienassis

Bienassis Castle Historical Monument Ranked fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. In 1792, Count Theart City is in England to purchase, as Commissioner Stud Britain, the English thoroughbred. Bienassis is then confiscated, being considered as national property, and then turned into a prison before being sold to General Valletaux. he dies in the early nineteenth century during the Spanish war, and Bienassis fell into oblivion until Admiral Kerjégu, then Senator of the Côtes-du-Nord discovers this castle and decides to buy it .

Since then, Bienassis is still inhabited by descendants of the family Kerjégu. Bienassis, manned and maintained family home for over six centuries, represents a comprehensive and consistent despite the successive incorporation of elements within the main periods characterizing the development of noble houses from the Middle Ages. On arrival, we discover the great avenue, with an area of 8 hectares, classified as a historical monument since 1945.A Originally, it included a majority of oaks and beautiful but also a number of trees planted nineteenth century, the whole forming an arch a bit messy but very curious.

After the storm of October 1987, this alley has been replanted with the same and the whole forest park extending to the left and right thereof. This wide avenue leads to the castle made of walls dating from the sixteenth century and reworked the seventeenth century and the moat dug and water since the late fifteenth century. From the chamber, we are in the courtyard where we discover the imposing facade of seventeenth Bienassis.

This facade decorated with a wide porch gives access to the castle where the entire ground floor furnished evidence of a living house. The architecture and interior design of the entry, large lounge called "company", the guard room, kitchen and dining room also shows the evolution of life from the fifteenth century castle today.

Finally, we can not leave without Bienassis stroll freely in the garden told the French accented with its 750 feet of rose and where it was a beautiful sight on the back of the castle and the garden on the seventeenth, of an area of almost 2 acres fully fenced half hanger to the north.

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